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Dog sledding Sweden

The husky dog is a world-class breed of dog ideal for living in the rugged terrain of Lapland and provides the power for dogsledding day trips for visitors and outdoor adventurers.

Huskies demand a lot of exercise all year round and so our beautiful arctic conditions during the winter provide an open landscape of forests, frozen seas, mountains and lakes for these beautiful huskies to run and be free.

Up in the north of Sweden, is an area called Swedish Lapland which includes the famous Abisko National Park, Kiruna, The King’s Trail, The Icehotel (open all year round), and our design-orientated TreeHotel concept. During the arctic winters, those locations provide dogsledding tours for visitors seeking a holiday with activities either as a day trip or part of a holiday package.

Dog sledding Sweden

Winter Wonderland

During winter when the temperature plummets, the skies come alive with the Northern Lights from the Aurora Borealis – A phenomenol lighting show which is best seen up in Abisko or at their Aurora Sky Station. Even better, is to see the northern lights while you are on a dogsledding tour for a mind-warping experience.

Dogsledding Teams

dogsled in swedenThe number of husky dogs in a dogsled team varies from around 5 to 8 dogs and usually driven by an experienced ‘musher’, who commands the dogs through various trails. Guests are always introduced to the dogs before the tour starts and can, if desired, be involved in harnessing the dogs and learn some mushing before driving the dogsled themselves. The sled is designed so that the musher stands at the back commanding the dogs and guests can sit on the front of the sled.

Fastest Growing Winter Activity in Sweden

Sweden’s dog-sledding tours have become one of the most popular winter activities in recent years as more and more adventurers step off the beaten track of package tours to book independent and direct tour themselves.

Around christmas and generally during the winter months, the northern part of Scandinavia attracts solo, family and groups travelling towards the full range of winter activities including skiing, dogsledding, snowmobile tours, fatbiking, northern lights and just being around the beautiful pine tree air.

Across the border into Finland you can experience Rovianemi – The commerical trail to Santa Claus Land. A town filled with Christmas lights and Santa’s grotto. Daily flights arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon – Great for younger kids. However, if you want to escape the crowds and queues then we recommend visiting Sweden where we can give you some space to enjoy your holiday and offer experiences which will be with you for a lifetime.

Here is a list of dog sledding tours in Luleå.

Most of the tours are bookable online. We always recommend to book before you arrive ensuring your day trips are ready to go and tours or resources can be organised in advance.

Dogsled Tour Providers in Luleå

How to Get to Swedish Lapland

We recommend flying to Luleå Airport – from Stockholm Arlanda. International travellers will fly direct to Stockholm and then change their to a domestic flight up to Luleå – Flight time is around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The train from Stockholm to Luleå train station takes around 12 hours and is usually travelled on during the evening with optional sleeping carriages provided.

By Car
If you are travelling by car, then the journey can take up to 12 hours depending on weather conditions. The E4 is the road providing access from the top of Sweden to the south. This makes it easy to find your destination. For those that like to sight see or just take it easy – this may be an enjoyable experience.

Car Rental in Luleå

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