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Luleå City Walk including ice trail

A local guide will take you on a 2 hour walking tour of the town of Luleå. When the iceskating and walking trails on the river ice are open we will also include this on part of the tour. Luleå has a fascinating history linked to the development of the north of Sweden since the 1300’s and we look forward to conveying some of that history as well as updating you on what is making Luleå a town of the future with development in technology. It is also of course and amazing winter town and on the ice trails you will get to walk on water.

Activity type: Day tour / activity
Duration: 2 hours
Booking in advance: Can be booked until last minute
Physical difficulty level: Very easy
Number: Min 2, Max 12 people

Departures at 13:00 from the House of Culture (opposite Clarion Sense Hotel) on Tue, Thu and Sat. Walking on the ice trails on the river around the city subject to them being open.

Helpful Hints When Making A Booking

Minimum People

In some cases, tours or activities are only available when 2 or more people book. Changing the number of Adults or Children to a total of 2 will make the booking available.

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