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Hovercraft Archipelago Pack Ice Tour at Brändön

Enjoy fantastic Luleå winter landscapes in our exciting hovercraft!

On this adventure you will explore the nature and culture of the Luleå Archipelago in our fantastic hovercraft. You meet the guide and get a briefing of the tour and the archipelago over a cup of warm beverage. We put on our intercom and get into the hovercraft. The exact way out depends on the ice-conditions, but our main destination for the day is the pack ice fields of the outer archipelago. Here the wind pushes the icebergs into piles of broken icebergs.

The scenario differs from week to week, but sometimes we have more than 10 meter high walls of ice!

By the Island of Brändöskär we step out to take a walk on the ice and have a look into the old Chapel on the Island. Here, on the Island, we also serve a light meal with warm beverage to enjoy. If we are lucky we also have a fair chance to spot seals or sea eagles during our trip.

During the trip you will be wearing headphones to protect your ears against the whirling engines of the hovercraft. We also recommend that you wear warm clothing – Warm layers, jacket, warm socks, boots, woolly hat and gloves.

This is another one of our great forms of winter transport across the Baltic sea – We look forward to meeting you!

Activity type: Day tour / activity
Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Booking in advance: Can be booked until last minute
Physical difficulty level: Very easy

What’s included?

Snowmobile suit, boots, socks, warm gloves, fleece suit, balaclava and helmet are provided. Light lunch and hot beverages are included in the tour.

Please note

Our guests participate at their own risk and we recommend that they have their own travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances. We are covered by a P&I insurance (Protection and indemnity) through Alandia insurance. Limit for cover of each event is Euro 5 million. We take responsibility for operating tours in safe weather and ice conditions. However, delays can occur due to unexpected situations due to harsh conditions.

Cancellation of whole tour can also occur. Some reasons for that are:

– Extreme cold (safe operation limit: -18 centigrade)
– Strong winds (safe operation limit: 10 m/s)
– Bad visibility due to fog or snowfall
– Rising ice or snow formations (to big obstacles to pass)

The customer is informed of cancellations no later than 2 hours before the planned starting time. In these cases, we will offer a new tour date OR give a full refund. In some conditions, alternative routes in safer/ better areas are proposed to the customer. We will always try to give the customer the best experience!


Helpful Hints When Making A Booking

Minimum People

In some cases, tours or activities are only available when 2 or more people book. Changing the number of Adults or Children to a total of 2 will make the booking available.

Ticket Information
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