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Day Trip to the Jokkmokk Winter Market (1-6 feb 2022)

For over 400 years the annual Jokkmokk winter market has been a major event in the Arctic region. Jokkmokk is a central town for the Sami people and they come from across Sapmi in the first week of February each year to meet, trade and celebrate their culture.

Join us on a 2-hour small group (max 8 people) minibus tour from Luleå to Jokkmokk on any of the market days. Our guide will give you many great insights into the region and tell stories along the way about the forest, rivers, and mountains of the region.

At the market, you will be able to immerse yourself in Sami Culture. Here you will find an incredible range of Sami Duodji, traditional dancing, reindeer racing, lectures, and some amazing local food. Duodji is the handicraft and the art made by the Sami artists, based on Sami traditions, Sami form thinking, Sami patterns, and colors. Much of the village of Jokkmokk is closed to traffic for the market and there is a wide range of streets with stalls, shops, and events to explore. We will also have time to visit Ajtté – the Swedish Sami and Mountain museum where one can spend many hours exploring the exhibits, lectures, and films.

Pick up at 8am at the Elite Hotel in Luleå

2 hour mini bus transfer to Jokkmokk

5 hours at Jokkmokk market

2 hour mini bus transfer back to Luleå


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