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Aurora / Northern Lights

Northern Lights Brändön Lodge

Northern Lights & Photography Tour

You only have to look at some of the images in our northern lights section to find evidence of some great aurora borealis capturing moments. Tour includes hot drinks and snacks.


Aurora Hideaway Dinner Brändön

A unique experience while you are in Swedish Lapland.

Northern Lights Brändön Lodge

Aurora Adventure in Luxury Mini Bus

There are certain locations just outside the city of Luleå where you can see and photograph the northern lights. Let our expert guide and photographer transport you in a warm luxurious minibus to those locations.

Brandon Lodge Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights Snowmobile Sled Tour at Brändön

Island tours over ice combining your northern lights tour with nature, open space and comfortable snowmobile sled.

Northern Lights Brändön Lodge Luleå

Northern Lights Nature Tour on a Snowmobile Sled with Dinner

An evening of nature’s beauty – maybe a moonlight sky with the aurora’s green flames licking the sky. After, we sit down to a hot dinner.

Aurora Hunt Luxury Minibuss Lulea

Northern Lights Snowshoe Walk with Dinner

An evening walk in the forest with snowshoes and our sociable guide, then sit down to a hot meal around the fire.


Northern Lights Luleå

During autumn and winter, the northern lights in Luleå, Sweden are best seen in Swedish Lapland, in the northern region. The colours from aurora borealis range from bright greens through to rich animated deep red-like flames across the sky. This attraction brings many amateur and professional photographers from all over the world.

Our local tour guides will take you to the darkest areas around Luleå where you will have the opportunity to capture this electrical phenomenon on camera. One of our tour guides (Graeme Richardson), is an avid photographer (who has taken all of the images on this website), and has had many photographs used by other travel websites and publications.

Choose to see the northern lights by luxury minibus, dogsled or snowmobile to view the aurora around Luleå.

Most night tours will include hot drinks and usually something to eat. You will be well looked after by our winter tour guides.

And lastly, don’t forget your camera!

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