Snowmobile tours now open in Luleå!

Snowmobiles are a great and fast method of transport here in Luleå either over the frozen sea, forest or mountains further north. Take a ride and enjoy a fast and exhilarating experience in Swedish Lapland.

Our tours are operated by professional tour guides with your safety and well-being first priority. Take your snowmobile tour in Luleå during the daytime or during the evening where you might have the opportunity of witnessing the phenomenal northern lights.

Most Popular Tours

Snowmobile Tours Luleå

Brandon Lodge Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights Snowmobile Sled Tour at Brändön

Island tours over ice combining your northern lights tour with nature, open space and comfortable snowmobile sled.

Northern Lights Brändön Lodge Luleå

Northern Lights Nature Tour on a Snowmobile Sled with Dinner

An evening of nature’s beauty – maybe a moonlight sky with the aurora’s green flames licking the sky. After, we sit down to a hot dinner.

Pack Ice Snowmobile

Hovercraft Archipelago Pack Ice Tour at Brändön

It’s fast, it skids and it goes everywhere. One of the best ways to get around Luleå’s archipelago open space.

Forest Snowmobile Tour Brandon

Forest and Ice Nature Tour 4 hours by Snowmobile with Lunch

A journey through the forest trails of Luleå. Tall tree-tops with heavy snowy branches. Doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or clear skies – You’ll have a helmet, be warm and see the beautiful landscape of Swedish Lapland.

Guided Snowmobile Tour Luleå Brandon Lodge

Pack Ice Nature Tour 4 hours from Brändön by Snowmobile

This pack ice nature tour allows you to discover the results of wind and crushed ice – sometimes to heights of around 20 feet!

Forest Snowmobile Tour Lulea

Forest and Ice Nature Tour by Snowmobile 2hrs

A 2 hour journey through forest and frozen sea. Stop for a hot coffee and admire the beautiful surroundings.