Dogsled Tours in Luleå

Dogsledding has become one of the most popular winter activities for visitors to Northern Sweden. The frozen winter landscape in Luleå provides ideal conditions for the huskies to sprint along many of the snow trails over sea and land, and at incredible speed.

This breathtaking activity is a fantastic experience and is suitable for both children and adults.Norbotten County Dogsledding Our tours range from a couple of hours, half-day or even during the evening, allowing you to combine a tour with a hunt for the spectacular Northern Lights.

There are further options to drive your own dogsled under the professional guidance of our tour guides. Instruction on dog-handling and techniques for driving the sled will be given onsite and soon you’ll know how to drive your own dogsled. The guide will make sure you are properly dressed and may provide additional clothing if necessary. We recommend wearing several layers of clothing including long johns or thermal underwear, warm gloves and woolly hat.

Some people refer to dogsledding as mushing. This term originates from the french language and is related to ‘marche’ meaning ‘go’.  Most commonly, husky dogs are used for dogsledding since they are very versatile, climatised dogs to the cold weather and have great strength and stamina.

Additionally, on Luleå dogsledding tours you may experience sightings of moose, reindeer, fox or even arctic hares around the forest areas or even on the frozen Baltic sea. We welcome you to the thrill and excitement of dogsledding tours in Luleå, Norrbotten County Sweden.

In the Luleå area, we have two kennels which both provide fantastic dogsledding experiences. Above are a varied list of Luleå dogsledding tours which are currently available this winter 2018.

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