Northern Light Tours in Luleå

The Northern Lights in Sweden

The Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the northern lights, is viewable in the northern hemisphere around the seasons of autumn and winter where the nights are long and dark.

The fluctuating lights are centred with an oval-like shape around the north pole. In contrast, auroras that exist in the southern hemisphere are called ‘Aurora Australis’, and are commonly known as the southern lights. The aurora’s are generated from the collision of the earth’s gaseous particles against the charged particles sent by the sun. Strangely, when the Aurora Borealis displays either in the southern or northern hemisphere each aurora is mirrored and synced at the opposite pole!

The further north you are, gives a clearer visibility of the northern lights. In Norrbotten County, Sweden we have some pretty amazing views of the aurora since we have very short days and long nights in the autumn and winter.  This makes it the ideal location for viewing this phenomenal light show for amateur and professional photographers, moviemakers and visiting tourists. 

During winter, Luleå’s archipelago of over 1300 islands are reachable by snowmobile, dogsled and hovercraft, providing ideal locations and open landscape to view the northern lights in all its glory. The temperature around Luleå in winter can vary from -10 degrees centigrade to more extreme temperatures of -25 or more!  As always, we recommend our visitors to be warm with the appropriate winter clothing including long johns, thermal top and pants, overalls, warm hat and gloves. Hot drinks (non-alchohol), are recommended on a regular basis if it’s extremely cold. 

All of our tour guides will ensure your safety is paramount before starting a tour. Above, are some of the best aurora tours combined with other activities such as snowmobiling, dogsledding and photography to bring you a fun and memorable evening while in Luleå, Swedish Lapland. All Winter Activities in Luleå