Best Activities Luleå

Quality expereinces in Luleå

Luleå has a wide range of activities.

We have selected for you the activities that we think are the most high quality, personal and fun. Luleå is not a mass tourism destination. These activities are most often owned and operated by small family businesses which mean you always receive a warm welcome.

The links below will lead you to to some of our best of selected individual activities in the Luleå Region. Click the heading or the photo below to go to the booking page for that type of activity.

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Some activities include transfer and for others they are an optional extra. We can also book a taxi for you for local transfers from your city hotel to some of the most popular activity start points. Simply contact us for details.

Finding the Aurora

Review here our favourite Northern lights activities. The Northern light or Aurora is a phenomenon created by the sun sending charged particles into space. When these follow the magnetic fields into our atmosphere the expend energy in the form of light. In Luleå we can often see the northern lights from late August until late March. Our activity guides will help you find a great spot to view the lights when they are active and we have clear skies for viewing.
Finding Aurora Lulea


Probably the most popular activity in the arctic with lovely furry friends. Our dogsled partners are small family businesses who love their dogs and provide them with love care and year round attention. You will see when you arrive that the huskies love to run the winter trails and the excitement will take you back. There is the option to sit on a sled which is driven by a guide (musher) and enjoy the scenery. Many of our guests however prefer the "drive your own" option where two people share a sled, one driving and one sitting, and swapping places during the tour at regular stops. In this self drive tour the guide will be on their own sled and lead the way forward.
Dogsledding in LuleƄ

Nature tour by Snowmobile

Explore the wonderful nature of the Luleå archipelago and/or our tall pine forests. Snowmobiling is the way the locals usually travel to work or play in the vast winter nature. Here we can find vast open fields of snow and ice, snow covered forests and wildlife such as Moose, Reindeer, fox and eagle. Your guide will help keep you safe and of course give you insights into the nature and our winter way of life.
Snowmobiling in Lulea

Culture & Cuisine

Selected fun and informative cultural experiences, activities and great culinary choices. The northern part of Sweden is a wonderful mix of Swedish, Finnish and Sami Culture. Combined with exotic raw ingredients from the arctic nature gives us a wonderful culinary and cultural landscape. Get to know the people and their traditions while enjoying some amazing food.
Food culture LuleƄ

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